Are you a photographer/artist or not?

My husband - my muse, no he's not for sale or rent.

My husband – my muse, no he’s not for sale or rent.

No, definitely not – and no matter how good the pictures become, I’ll never claim to be. Why? Photographers are difficult people – no matter how much others love your products, photographers will find fault with virtually all the work of other visual artists and amateur photographers. Of course, they are justified, there is fault to be found in all pictures, paintings and renders – if you look hard enough. There are a million rules you can learn and adhere to, learn and break, post processing methods to employ or reject, techniques to master, programs to find, hardware to buy and more, so the end product is extremely individual, subjective and invariably ALL WRONG to someone out there. In reality this tendency is not reserved for photographers alone but to all self-professed ‘artists’. So I suppose the question is; Are you an artist? The answer to that would be the same, no, definitely not. I am however like all other people who tinker with imperfect mediums, who take a skewed perspective of the mundane to attempt to make it great, who use impractical means to show others how the color blue really looks to them – an offering to the world posed like a question to see if others answer with a like mind. In truth, I’m just a fumbling child, flailing in the dark, grabbing any implement I can while I scamper blindly in a vain attempt to make a record of a journey that I do not fully understand.




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