The Journey Here / Reflective Journal

Required Creative Portrait

Required Creative Portrait

For my Graphic Arts class at Noroff Uni we were required to write a introductory post (a ‘Reflected Journal’, which I assume was intended to be in fact a ‘Reflective Journal’, making a ‘Reflected Journal’ would be quite bizarre task indeed) describing the many events of our past that inevitably lead us to this point.

There are so many of these events that I hardly have the words to fulfill the requirements of the assignment.

‘Should I talk their ear off?’, I wonder ‘Write an endlessly gaudy and descriptive recollection of the many happenings, things done and undone, to let them see as to why I am where I am today?’

That type of blog post would be far too verbose and trying to most readers patience me thinks.

The very notion of having a blog is adverse to my primordial nature; I’m obscenely private.

I am the J.D Salinger of your friends.The Howard Hughes of your social circle. The Greta Garbo of your party.

What i will say is that I am a woman, a woman who thinks like a man, I have a penchant for the visual arts even though my memory is almost purely aural. I resist convention, I read ceaselessly, am obsessed with learning, am preoccupied with linguistics, psycho-linguistics,  psychology, physics, politics, pharmacology, history and theology.

I have a good skill set, I am schooled in the use of programs like Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop, Lightbox, Topaz and others. I am currently learning the finer points of Illustrator. I can paint, draw, write, weld, solder, woodwork, leather work, engrave, knit, sew, cook, edit and translate in 5 languages and fix your motorcycle.

In all this, I can’t dance, imagine that.

I am currently learning two more languages, taking up climbing and of course, this class, which will hopefully give as much to me as I intend to give it.

All photography on my blog are my own unless otherwise credited.


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