Moodle Map and Report

We were asked to create a non-typical representation of the metaspace that is our main learning resource, Moodle. The task allowed me to acclimatize myself with the inner workings of the system and use a bit of (albeit all too literal perhaps) creativity to make a representation of said space.

My all too literal 'Moodle Map'. Of Henricus Hondius style, circa approx. 1610 -1630.

My all too literal ‘Moodle Map’. Of Henricus Hondius style, circa approx. 1610 -1630.

I always told myself there were 5 rules to ensure total happiness:

1. Have someone to love who loves you back, teaches you and of who you can teach in return.
2. Get 15 minutes of sun everyday, if impossible, take 3 vitamin D tablets.
3. Learn something new everyday, or at the very worst, read novels of questionable moral standing.
4. Plan for trips you’ll never take. Do include minutia like reading local restaurant reviews, getting the cheapest airfare by claiming your point of origin is located in the Sudan and nodding to vehement Yelp reviews of terrible customer service at the local Hermes boutique as you blindly eat cookie dough.
5. (And the most important) Be creative everyday, particularly when creativity isn’t necessarily expected.

While I greedily hoard the first most 4, I tend to slack on number 5.
Sure, I’ve had days where I pushed myself and started a painting, laboriously tending to it with soft deliberate strokes, nudging it ever forward to its intended destination, making a mistake, refusing to admit it…Suddenly my ‘intended’ realistic portrait has turned into a piece of unintended modern art with late in life Picassso- like leanings. Pity that.

I’ve taken days where I promised I would be creative but would ultimately end up making cookies.

Certainly making cookies is creative?

Afterall, making something where nothing existed before (and if it did, it was in the form of various powders and viscous preparations) is at least a minor tentacle on the looming Kraken that is creativity? Right? (It must be said though, the cookies are not your everyday, benign round or even squared varieties but shapes more akin to postboxes, duct tape rolls, hitherto undiscovered animals of the mammalian sort and gramophones)

While I did get to divulge some creativity in my former discipline (3d animation and design), it was truly 10% creative insight and 90% contending with the soul sucking grey pallor of programs like Maya.

This first week, with its fun tasks, exceptionally nice and polite classmates, allowance for thinking outside the box and
attentive tutors has been truly nice. I enjoyed looking at my classmates blogs (I must say there are far more students in this class then there were in 3DDA and infinitely more of the female persuasion) .

So at the very least I fulfilled my big 5:
1. My husband is my muse, mentor and mimic of my innermost mind.
2. It’s summertime, but I also have a UV lamp and a 2 years supply of vitamin D.
3. I’ve taught myself more about photoshop, Topaz and Illustrator. And if you must know, I read a particularly seedy V.C Andrews novel.
4. I planned an impromptu trip to North Korea and debated hotly with myself as to whether I should visit the illustrious Restaurant number 1 or the ever tantalizing Restaurant number 2 in Pyongyang.
5. I made a 15th century styled map of a map of a map. A metamap. Mapception. I made a stained glass, interpretative, rose and lilac, exploding mind unicorn self portrait and all in all, had a great time doing it.

And so, I am happy with this week and I hope you are too.

Didn't get enough sun.

Didn’t get enough sun. (quick sketch, don’t judge lol)


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