Teaspoon Challenge and SCAMPER method

Teaspoon Challenge, all rendered images made by me in Autodesk Maya 2014

Teaspoon Challenge, all rendered images made by me in Autodesk Maya 2015

You are given a teaspoon as an object. Now apply each one of the SCAMPER techniques to it and give a brief explanation of what new product comes of this and how it can be marketed.

What is the SCAMPER method you ask? The act of scampering away to the hills when confronted with creative marketing solutions? You and me both – but in this particular circumstance, it’s a mnemonic acronym used to generate lateral thinking.
It is as follows:

S Substitute

Remove some part of the accepted situation, thing, or concept and replace it with something else.

C Combine

Join, affiliate, or force together two or more elements of your subject matter and consider ways that such a combination might move you toward a solution.

A Adapt

Change some part of your problem so that it works where it did not before.

M Modify

Consider many of the attribute of the thing you’re working on and change them, arbitrarily, if necessary. Attributes include: size, shape, other dimensions, texture, color, attitude, position, history, and so on.

P Purpose (Put to other use)

Modify the intention of the subject. Think about why it exists, what it is used for, what it’s supposed to do. Challenge all of these assumptions and suggest new and unusual purposes.

E Eliminate

Arbitrarily remove any or all elements of your subject, simplify, reduce to core functionality

R Reverse

Change the direction or orientation. Turn it upside-down, inside-out, or make it go backwards, against the direction it was intended to go or be used.


R Rearrange

Similar to Reverse, modify the order of operations or any other hierarchy involved.


More of me being annoyingly literal

More of me being annoyingly literal

A literal ‘Teaspoon’, a little tongue in cheek, ceramic piece can can be marketed as a decorative piece geared towards wry know-it-alls and snobbish tea affectionados.


Taster Tongs

Taster Tongs

Taster Tongs are a combination of two spoons with a springed hinge at the end. They serve as tongs for handeling food and taster spoons. Marketed towards the discerning kitchen chefs of middle management who actively plate and taste everything before it is served.



Stability Spoon

Stability Spoon

The Stability Spoon has been adapted with an attractive internal loop and tail to aid in better grip and security in the hand. Marketed towards the Chronically anxious, children and sufferers of Parkinson’s.


Tealeaf Spoon

Tealeaf Spoon

The Tealeaf spoon is a collectors piece that sweetly displays the purpose of the product and the peripheral products origin: tea leaves.

Marketed towards people who enjoy the obvious or deeply unorganized hipster populations.

Purpose, Eliminate and Rearrange: (done in pencil, 3d modeling is expensive yknow?)

Lo, the cold glare of paper.

Lo, the cold glare of paper.

Re-purpose your spoons into a kitschy chandelier! Ensures that guests will call you things like ‘Crafty’, ‘Handy’ and ‘Eccentric’ when they talk about you together over coffee!

Eliminate the handle to create a decidedly contemporary eastern flair to your cutlery!

Rearrange/Reverse the order of things and peoples expectations by introducing theKnispork…or the Sporkfe? Very popular with low maintenance men, aggressive no nonesense women and boyscouts.

Extra: Absurd Cutlery themed slide. Clearly dangerous and sore on the eyes. 


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