Design Different looks

Design different looks

So the objective was to find a website and change the  design aspect. This, as far as I know can be done two ways; First: Painstakingly in Photoshop, requiring many convoluted hours and a potentially catastrophic outcome. Or second: Changing the code in Administrative mode in real time and take a screen cap. I sided with the latter.

A classic excercise in before and after, much like:


Omg, she SHRUNK!


This made me think – what websites would I like to change? Why would I want to change them?

The choices came to me rather quickly, websites I loath.

The first of which is ‘Return of the Kings’


‘Return of the Kings’ is a site that focuses on Neomasculinity.

I’m all for neomasculinity. I think the ‘masculine image’ has been abused and warped in media, painting men as permiscuous neandethals who need a woman to tell them what to do because they could never manage to make a decision for themselves.

It’s terrible.

However, Return of the Kings brings that anger, that backlash into a deeply perverted and twisted mind frame. God knows, most woman bother the shit out of me but this is a bit sick, the guy who heads this site is pro-rape and pro-pedo.  It’s not anti-feminist, it’s anti-human, because both parties are the worse because of it. So I thought I would change it.

Here is the main page as it actually is:


*notice the ‘7 ways the realities of modern culture are destroying men’, ‘5 traits that make women the best useful idiots for liberalism’ *



Is it pretty? Nah, but it’s better.


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